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Accelerate your progress and have even more fun with RunMotion Coach PREMIUM !

We are here to guide you through your goals and give you the best advice for your progress.
Enjoy a unique experience and a complete training plan to push your training forward, whatever your goal is.

A complete Training Experience !

Add sessions of:

– Physical preparation
Mental preparation and sophrology, conducted by Annette Sergent, sophrologist and two-time cross-country champion

Access to specific advice:

– Nutrition in collaboration with Benoit Nave, nutritionist of the organic brand Baouw and coach of Xavier Thévenard, three-time winner of the UTMB
– Enhanced guidance on Running Techniques and Recovery Strategies


Well supervised

Choose the personality of your coach: authritarian, philosophical or positive

Your digital coach will be present day after day to give you advice and motivate you.

Live sessions 

Access your workouts right on your watch to make it easy to monitor your session.

Sync your schedule to book a time slot to go running.

Precise progression

Get access to your detailed stats, week by week and by goals.

Get your MAS and your endurance index calculated by our algorithms.

Total flexibility

Change your training plan easily:

    • Change your training days during the week
    • Move your most important workouts and get access to advanced settings
    • Add or replace a workout with a cycling workout or S&C workout

Your program evolves whenever you need it to.

More than 5,000 reviews

‘What I like most about the app is the synchronization and export of the workout. Everything works perfectly, I especially like the ability to adjust my week to the vagaries of professional and personal life’


‘It is all adapted and intuitive. I appreciated its efficiency. It is an app that is really easy to use and even a bit playful’


‘I think it’s an easy to use app, everything is well explained and there is feedback after the workout and different choices. The workouts are varied, you can never get bored!’


A complete version to meet your passion

Enjoy your workout, make fast progress and beat your PR.

Stay calm on the day of your race.
Well prepared to give it your all!

Thrive both in your sport and in your life.

Join thousands of Premium runners

Free Version Premium Version
✏️ Personalized and adaptive training plan: road and trail ✔️ ✔️
🎯 Set multiple goals ✔️ ✔️
⚡ Calculate your training paces ✔️ ✔️
⬇️ Import activities from your Garmin, Polar, Suunto or Coros watch, or your Strava or adidas Running app ✔️ ✔️
🏊‍♂️ Triathlon goals: S, M or L distances ✔️
⌚ Export your workouts to Google Calendar and to your Garmin watch ✔️
🚀 Progressive training plan ✔️
📱 Change your training plan easily ✔️
🔀 Change your training sessions at the last moment ✔️
📈 Find all your statistics ✔️
🏃 Calculate your Maximum Aerobic Speed and Endurance Index ✔️
🚴 Add interval cycling, swimming and S&C workouts ✔️
🍌 Get access to additional modules: Training, running exercises, recovery, nutrition, well-being, sophrology and more. ✔️
Free From $9,99 /month

Discover all the features of RunMotion Coach Premium during a free 7-day trial period

(You can cancel your RunMotion Coach subscription at any time)

We are a small, human team and our offices are located in the heart of the Alps, in Savoy.

Premium subscriptions enable us to continuously add new features and ensure the best possible experience for you.

Run, enjoy and move forward !

RunMotion Coach est une appli créée dans les Alpes par des coachs et coureurs de haut niveau. Notre mission : te permettre de progresser, que tu sois débutant ou confirmé, et de t’épanouir grâce au running.


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